Igor Kruglyak


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Igor Kruglyak formed CoreValue with his partners in 2004 to leverage the technology and business knowledge he had gained during 22 years in IT. Prior to CoreValue Igor was Head of Engineering executive at AP3 Solutions, provider of technical solutions for a variety of Legal Networks, Chief Technology Officer for venture-funded intellectual property management company, and in this capacity Igor had overseen multi-million dollar on-shore/off-shore development projects. In 1997 Igor joined InterWorld Corporation, a 60-employee startup at the time and was a key contributor to the IPO of that company in 2000. He served as a Senior Product Manager for Micro Focus LTD, Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Igor has been a featured speaker at several national and international technical conferences, published several articles at Kobb Publications focused on the software and application development.

Theodore Krechmer

Chief Operating Officer

Ted Crechmer

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Theodore Krechmer has been associated with CoreValue from the very beginning of the company, personally participating in the development of the existing line of products. His previous career included 14-years tenure as Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch, responsible for the management of various back-office support systems as well as the evaluation of software technology and acquisition of new developmental products. Prior to coming to CoreValue Ted was developing FTI Trust Management software package, which he was later installing at Morgan Stanley on behalf of IBM, upgrading the development environment at AT&T Leasing and Guardian Life Insurance, merging trading systems at Chase and supervising the off-shore development in Bangalore (India) on behalf of Bank of New York. Ted holds MBA degree from Baruch College (New York).

Ivan Starodub

Managing Director

Ivan Starodub

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Ivan Starodub was the first CoreValue associate in Ukraine. As the Managing Director, Ivan is in charge of the technical and organizational activities of Lviv development center. Before joining forces with CoreValue, and following the studies at the faculty of Applied Mathematics Ivan had organized his consulting company. His team was developing Project Management software for US clients, Case Management software for the leading legal claims bureau in the UK, computing infrastructure for various medical applications, and the automated software for nationwide railroad operator.

Lyubomyr (Sam) Senyuk

Chief Technology Officer


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Lyubomyr Senyuk has been leading software development efforts at Malkos from the very beginning of the company’s existence. Sam, being one of the original employees of Malkos, has spent the last 6 years helping our customers to develop and maintain enterprise level solutions in a variety of technologies ranging from Public and Private Cloud to Mobile and traditional Enterprise.

Lyubomyr graduated from Lviv University with a Master’s Degree in mathematics and economics. He has been professionally involved in IT since 1999. Throughout his career, Sam occupied a variety of technology positions in companies both in Ukraine and countries of European Union.