CoreValue Development Center in Lviv, Ukraine

CoreValue operates four technology development centers in Ukraine – in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi and Cherkasy. The Ukraine offers a wealth of talent and has become an extremely attractive outsourcing destination. In addition to the existing talent in the marketplace, over
30,000 professionals graduate from IT universities in Ukraine every year creating a dynamic environment for growth.


The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centers of today’s Ukraine and historically has also been a major Polish cultural center. The historical heart of Lviv with its old buildings and cobblestone roads has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Lviv’s oldest historic churches, buildings and relics date from the 13th century.

24 Universities are located in Lviv, awarding degrees to more than 30’000 students each year. More than 20% of them gain degrees in technical subjects.


Ivano-Frankivsk is a historic city located in southwestern Ukraine. It is an important regional center, and a major cultural and economic hub. Ivano-Frankivsk has been recognized as a prominent town since mid-17th century.

9 Universities are located in Ivano-Frankivsk, awarding degrees to approximately 10’000 students each year.


Cherkasy is a city located in central Ukraine on the banks of Dnieper River, south of Ukrainian capital Kiev. It is the cultural, educational and industrial center of Cherkasy Oblast and Central Economical Region of Ukraine. Cherkasy was known since 13th century and played a great role in history of Ukraine, being the center of Ukrainian Cossacks for a long period of time.


Khmelnytskyi is the regional center of Khmelnytskyi region which is located in the western part of Ukraine. The city is an important hub for trade and transport. The city’s industry includes machine-building, metal works, light industry, as well as enterprises that produce food, chemicals, building materials, and publishing products, etc. Khmelnytskyi has a high scientific-educational, professional and cultural level of the population, good potential of specialists.

10 Universities are located in Khmelnytskyi, awarding degrees to more than 10’000 students each year.