About CoreValue

CoreValue was formed in 2004 as a result of merging CoreValue Solutions Software Company with several services organizations. Since its formation it has leveraged diverse and deep technical, business and managerial knowledge of its principals to serve its target markets.
By focusing on the big picture, CoreValue produced several custom-engineered technical solutions, created services and support teams for it. Adding a hosting in 2005, CoreValue was able to service mid-tier and small businesses without requiring significant IT investments.


Operating development centers in Ukraine and having on-site personnel, CoreValue offers a unique opportunity to its customers by providing low-cost development at a very high quality.


While focusing primarily on two business areas, – Intellectual Property Management and Consumer Real-estate – CoreValue has been offering its customers additional services by enabling inter-operation of current key and legacy application. Utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and enterprise-ready Data Exchange TM technology CoreValue has tied key financial systems of its clients to Banks Electronic Payment Systems (EPS), Work Order (Referral) systems and Billing. In March 2006, CoreValue released its Intellectual Property Management Portal Hosting Service powered by the industry leading ICM Manage + technology.

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Mission Statement

CoreValue streamlines the Application Development, Deployment and Implementation processes across the leading edge technologies to maximize our clients’ “CoreValue” creation through providing orchestration solutions that enable, improve and automate the complex process of data, work and transaction flows of key business functions and systems.
We leverage diverse and deep technical, business and managerial knowledge to serve our customers. This knowledge comes from extensive project experience in a wide range of fields, including intellectual property management, consumer real-estate, EDC systems in clinical research, and many others.